Android KitKat 4.4: Top 10 features that makes it different from other!!

28 October was the great day in the history of Android Operating System; it was due to the launch of Latest Android KITKAT. Yes, Google has finally released its latest Android KitKat 4.4. This latest Android KitKat is the most awaited android update and may fulfill you hope.

Kitkat Android 4.4 4

This latest Android Kit Kat 4.4 comes up with the fabulous change which includes deeper integration with Google’s intelligent, fantastic graphics and latest Google Now. Many updates are provided in this KitKat update and make a mind-blowing Operating System .

Listed below are some top features that enhance Android KitKAt 4.4.


The new featured pre-installed application which makes you to automatically priorities the user contacts on the bases of the persons you talk the most. This new featured app helps the user to get information about unknown number. This feature also helps the user in searching the nearby places and businesses from this PHONE APP. If you are getting a call from unknown number, this phone app looks for the form the matches businesses with a local listing on Google Maps.


Screen Shot and Screen Rotation are the either options in the older updates of Android but this latest update of ANDROID KITKAT 4.4 offers you the latest update of Screen Recording. KitKat comprises of screen recording utility that makes the user to capture video as they use in the devices and store in there MP4 formats.


An interesting feature of Kitkat is its integration with Google account, kitkat allows user to say “OK Google” on the home screen to launch Google Now assistant and feeds you to do voice search, get directions, send text messages and songs searching. In the Nexus 5 Google Now can be launched on swiping to lest else going to bottom. The old feature of Voice-Activated was first offered by Moto X, Now Kitkat update took this feature a step forward in Nexus 5.


The latest Android app that offers you web contents can now use with the help of Chrome to render web components accurately and quickly. This latest pre-installed app Crome Web Viewer supports HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.


Android KitKat 4.4 offers you system –wide preferences for “close captioning”. This app offers you offer video can access the user’s captioning settings and adjust the display of the captions as per the user’s preferences.


KITKAT ANDROID 4.4 brings you the exciting feature of Message Access Profile (MAP) which includes the features like Bluetooth enabled cars to exchange messages with your Android devices. Bluetooth HID over GATT (HOGP) is also embedded which offers you low-latency link with low-power peripheral devices such as mice, joysticks, and keyboards.
Perfect support of Wi-Fi Tunneled Direct Link Setup (TDLS) and other faster sharing option between the device wits same Wi-Fi networks.


The cloud printing feature of KitKat allows user to print photos, documents, and web pages from their Android devices through direct connected printer and this is done with help of Google Cloud Print. . “Users can discover available printers, change paper sizes, choose specific pages to print, and print almost any kind of document, image, or file,” mentions Google in the OS release notes.


Android 4.4 offers you a perfect platform which support two new sensors, step detector and step counter which allows the user to track steps on their walk, run or climb with help of its amazing features apps.


Android 4.4 offers you unified messaging apps, with hangouts; instant messaging via Google mail, SMS, MMS and other messaging are possible wit tis featured app.  Hangouts now also allow users to share their location and send animated GIFs.


This latest Operating System offers you a translucent menu bar just situated at the bottom of the screen. This new operating system is quite Impressive and offers you a good visual interface. This new transition feature effect comes when you open app launcher feature. Full-screen wallpapers with preview and the wallpapers now extend through the notification tray is also one option offered by the Android Kitkat 4.4.

The exacting feature of hiding navigation and status bar buttons is possible wen reading books or playing a game or watching a movie. Lock screen widgets for music and movies apps also offered by this featured app.

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